Raghu Batteries Consulting are express in all types of stand by battery servicing, specialising in automated monitoring data acquisition system on-site battery management and maintenance together with fault diagnosis and performance predictions.Our services also include product application and consulting ,plus training seminar on stand by battery maintenance Healthy & Safety course to ensure compliance with COSHH regulation are available.


Ground mount , On Roof , on Grid Solar Power KW ,MW to GW WE Calculate System Design Financial structure with advance Technology

Battery Consulting

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Raghu Batteries Consulting is a ventures of Raghu electronic takes by Mr. Anurag Bhatnagar . Raghu Electronic was started in 1969 by Mr. Raghu Nandan Bhatnagar & Permanand Bhatnagar and further joined by Mr. Vikas Bhatnagar.

We are leading provider of Warranty software solution .Warranty software the warranty cost of the product significantly by improving the quality and reproduces , sharing the cost and information with supplier and business partner automating the warranty management processes.

The Warranty product directly connects manufactures , supplier, dealers, customer in a services network. It optimize the entire warranty cycle through the following application . Claim processing , Claim Processing , Claim Review & Return , Supplier Warranty , Purchased warranty , Warranty, Analytics and warranty.

Raghu Batteries Consulting is built upon a foundation commitment, Collaboration , Creativity and computing Excellence. These are the Team warranty team internalizes to provide reliable and Creative business computing building long lasting partnership with our customer warranty provides integrate solution to many companies with a national and global presence

For over 6 year Annual has deployed solution for our client in employment such a automation , inventory and sales , customer care, customer relationship product marketing and sales support, Customer care, customer relationship business and business to consumer ecommerce solution demand fore management and more

Testing and Battery Management Equipment

We have LBT(logic Battery Tester in Various Range like LBT 200,LBT 300, LBT 600 For Backup Testing & Cranking HRD TEST) battery power analyzer we have BPA (200,300,700,900) to analyze the battery ah capacity.

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